The Planet Jupiter

JupiterThis page presents the planet Jupiter as it exist in the Play By E-Mail game New Frontiers.

Even though it does bear some resemblance to the actual planet Jupiter, you should not make real world plans based on the information given here.

System overview :
Name Address  Size/Class  Remarks
Sol 01 Star G2 Our Sun.
Mercury   01.01 3 no moons
Venus 01.02 8 Stargates, no moons
Earth 01.03 8 Populated, Stargates, moon, station
Mars 01.04 4 moons, station
the belt 01.05.a__  planetoids  several asteroids
Jupiter 01.06 Gas Giant << this page
    Io 01.06.012 data requested
    Europa 01.06.022 data requested
    Ganymede 01.06.033 data requested
    Callisto 01.06.043 data requested
Saturn 01.07 Gas Giant moons
Uranus 01.08 Gas Giant moons
Neptune 01.09 Gas Giant moons
Pluto 01.10 1 moon

Orbital radius :
5.20 AU
Size :
Atmosphere :
Gas Giant.
Weather :
Not relevant.
Not relevant.
Tectonics :
Not Relevant.
Notes :
Jupiter is a large gas giant.

No Orbital Scan available.

Io  Io

No Orbital Scan available

Europa  Europa

No Orbital Scan available

Ganymede  Ganymede

No Orbital Scan available

Callisto  Callisto

No Orbital Scan available

Opdateret d. 11-3-00
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