The Planet Earth

EarthThis page presents the planet Earth as it exist in the Play By E-Mail game New Frontiers.

Even though it does bear some resemblance to the actual planet Earth, you should not make real world plans based on the information given here.

System overview :
Name Address  Size/Class  Remarks
Sol 01 Star G2 Our Sun.
Mercury   01.01 3 no moons
Venus 01.02 8 Stargates, no moons
Earth 01.03 8 << this page
    Kennedy 01.03.s01 Spaceport Homebase USA, Earth market
    Baykonur 01.03.s02 Spaceport Homebase Russia, Earth market
    Kourou 01.03.s03 Spaceport Homebase Europe, Earth market
    Xichang 01.03.s04 Spaceport Homebase China, Earth market
    SG_One 01.03+ Stargate Leads to Alpha Centauri A
    SG_Two 01.03- Stargate Leads to Alpha Centauri B
    Gagarin 01.03.00  StationFuel and repairs available
    Moon 01.03.012
    Armstrong  StationFuel and repairs available
Mars 01.04 4 moons, station
the belt 01.05.a__  planetoids  several asteroids
Jupiter 01.06 Gas Giant moons
Saturn 01.07 Gas Giant moons
Uranus 01.08 Gas Giant moons
Neptune 01.09 Gas Giant moons
Pluto 01.10 1 moon

Orbital radius :
1 AU
Size :
Atmosphere :
Oxygen, Nitrogen, some Methane and Carbon oxides.
Weather :
Higly variable due to abundant water.
Min -35 degC, 10 degC, 45 degC.
Tectonics :
Notes :
Earth is the homeworld of humanity and fully settled.
No further settlements can be started.
Although Earth is a size 8 planet only the following 4 locations may be visited by your units
Kennedy     01.03.s01   Spaceport
Baykonur    01.03.s02   Spaceport
Kourou      01.03.s03   Spaceport
Xichang     01.03.s04   Spaceport
Note no overland movement may be made between these Spaceports and no facilities may be built on Earth.

Orbital Scan not available and not relevant.

Kennedy Space Center

Advanced Technology,
The USA excels in most fields of technology. Research and development will progress faster here in most fields than at other homeports.
Good Security,
Kennedy Space Center offers the best protection against espionage.
Excellent Quality,
American built spacecraft have so far proved to have the best reliability. However the best does not imply perfection, the American Space programme has had its fair share of disasters although often when disaster has struck American designs have proven to be robust enough to survive, Apollo XIII being the finest example of this.
with the best comes the highest price tag.
Good Security,
although this protects you from espionage it also means that the authorities take a very dim view if you are caught indulging in espionage yourself. If caught and prosecuted the fines will be punitive.

Baykonur Kosmodrome

Rocket Engine & Life Support Technology.
The Americans don't have a monopoly on technological excellence. The Russians have always lead the field in building powerful rocket engines and they have far more experience in long term manned space flight. Hence research into rocket engines and life support will be conducted faster at Baykonur than at other homeports. In all other fields of research the Russians are only fair.
as the Russians have a surplus of unemployed espionage agents the cost of espionage is reduced for Baykonur based companies.
Erratic Quality,
Russian equipment can be very good but is can also be very bad.
However recent events on the Mir space station has shown that the Russians are also capable of coping with disaster.

Launch Point Kourou

Cheap Takeoff.
The European Space Agency has built it's space centre as close to the equator as it could get (in French Guyana). This exploits the rotation of the Earth and means that spacecraft use less fuel to launch into orbit.
Bureaucratic Delays.
When it comes to petty minded bureaucracy and red tape the European Union are world masters. As a consequence all deliveries to Launch Point Kourou may be subject to a random delay.
Life Support Technology.
The European Space Agency has no experience of manned space flight and so lags behind in this field of technology.

Xichang Space Centre

Research & Development is cheaper at Xichang than at any other homeport as is spaceship fuel and servicing.
Poor Security,
the local authorities are likely to turn a blind eye to your failed espionage attempts.
Poor Security,
it's harder to keep secrets at Xichang.
Poor Quality,
much of China's technology is a poor copy of Russian equipment some of which wasn't too hot in the first place. However the influx of technology and funding from Japan may improve this situation.
Poor Research,
China has the least experience in space technology and lags behind in most areas. The Chinese do have an excellent record in medical research so they will not lag so far behind in Life Support technology.

The Moon  The Moon

Size :
Atmosphere :
Weather :
Min-55 degC, Mean-16 degC, Max 23 degC
Tectonics :
Notes :
The Moon is Earth"s closest neighbour and is an obvious choice for early colonisation. Its resources are poor but its proximity to Earth makes it an excellent choice for a manufacturing centre. An Arcology on this planet will require 40MW of power

Orbital Scan made December 2027 by AAA (Antisocial Anteaters Association)

Moon Sector 1Moon Sector 2
   Geo     Res     Thm
   0123    0123    0123  
00 mPBb 00 .... 00 3332
 1 pBcB  1 .C.b  1 7988
 2 BbCB  2 .cB.  2 7898
 3 pPcp  3 B...  3 4234
   Geo     Res     Thm
   0123    0123    0123  
00 Bbcb 00 .bB. 00 3434
 1 bPcb  1 ....  1 8798
 2 bpPp  2 ....  2 9998
 3 PcCc  3 .B.b  3 3223
Moon Sector 3Moon Sector 4
   Geo     Res     Thm
   0123    0123    0123
00 pBMB 00 .... 00 4432
 1 pBBb  1 c...  1 7998
 2 CCcB  2 ..B.  2 8879
 3 cpCc  3 c...  3 4423
   Geo     Res     Thm
   0123    0123    0123
00 BMbP 00 .... 00 2243
 1 PBCP  1 ....  1 7979
 2 bBBB  2 .b..  2 7878
 3 MPpp  3 ...b  3 3242

Opdateret d. 10-3-00
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