The Planet Octavian

This page presents the planet Octavian as it exist in the Play By E-Mail game New Frontiers.

System overview :
Name Address  Size/Class  Remarks
Procyon 04 Star F5
Julius 04.01 5moon, stargates
Crassus 04.02 7moon, stargates
Octavian 04.03 Gas Giant<< this page
    Tiberius 04.03.011
    Claudius 04.03.02a3
    Galba 04.03.03a2
    Vespasian 04.03.04a3
Trajan 04.04 Gas Giantmoons
Diocletian 04.05 Gas Giantmoons
Theodosius 04.06 Gas Giantmoons
Heraclius 04.07 5no moon (?)
Alexis 04.08 3no moon (?)

Orbital radius :

Opdateret d. 13-3-00
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